Our Services.

Fabulous glasses prescribed & filled by fabulous people.

Eye exams for adults and superheroes & princesses age 5 & up. 

Eyecare + vision care for oops!, ouch!, 911, red eyes & eye pain.

A state-of-the-art glaucoma clinic for early detection & care.

Contact lens exams to change how you see the world.

Convenient 24/7 online contact lens ordering. <order>

See in a new, amazing way with LASIK + cataract eye surgery. <meet our eye surgeon>

A dry eye clinic to diagnose & treat with Restasis, Xiidra & latest therapies.

Blepharitis treatment with the latest procedures such as BlephEx.

Love your eyes again with We Love Eyes natural + non-toxic cleansing products made by Dr. Gill.