Our Opticians.

Hola Araceli!


Araceli Paguaga, Optician was born in Nicaragua and has been working in the optometry and optical fields for over 17 years. Her passion is to give patients beautiful vision . . . helping them see and look their very best. Araceli believes that there is a perfect frame for every head shape, face shape, nose shape, complexion, hair color and eye color.

Sit down with Araceli for a "glasses fitting," and you will walk away with something you may not have expected, but with something you are very happy with.

Araceli is an avid baseball and volleyball spectator and participant. She lives in Castro Valley with her fiance and their 3 year old maltese puppy: Princess.

Hiiiii Whittney!


Whittney Lopez, Optician. Born and raised in Oakland, Whittney was meant to work at Oakland Vision Center. She has been working in private practice optometry since 2009 and loves to style your glasses so you feel comfortable – anytime and anywhere. For example, Hawaii, while sipping a pina colada. Wink-wink:)

She is currently obsessed with Anne et Valentin frames so be prepared to try some on. Because, mind blown. When she’s not styling glasses and picking out lenses, you’ll find Whittney cooking. Yep, she’s one of those people that can open a fridge and whip up something delicious in minutes.

Whittney is happily married and they firmly believe that couples that road trip together, stay together. 

Hullo Amanda!

Amanda Kerr Optician Oakland Vision Center

Amanda Kerr, Optician. Born and raised in the Shasta Lake area of California, Amanda has always loved nature and staying active. Ever happen to see a 75 pound lab/great dane mix hiking around? Well, that would happen to be Amanda and her dog, Ruby. 

She started in optometry about 5 years ago as a receptionist and quickly found her calling with styling frames and fitting lenses. For Amanda, the best part of her day is getting to know the little tidbits of her patient's life. 

Amanda recently got married, yay! And yes, this Disney-obsessed optician spent her honeymoon at a Disney-themed resort in Hawaii. Because, Minnie Mouse.