Morning Gratitudes. A list of the awesome things that make our day.

Sometimes what happens in the morning needs to stay in the morning. But sometimes what happens in the morning should trickle down to the rest of the day. Here's a list of things we love that make our mornings great and hence the rest of the day.

but first donut savant. jpg

1.  Donut Savant. We are so fortunate to be just a few doors down from this heaven on earth. A sip of their amazing coffee and a bite of their dark chocolate donut hole starts our day right. They know how to do caffeine, fat and sugar righteous.

happy patients happy life.jpg

2. Happy patients. Happy life. We live for this and you make our day when you're happy. Sure, we make mistakes here and there (we are adorable human beings after all), but our entire purpose is to make you happy. Having happy patients in the morning makes our day.

inspiration by succulents.jpg

3. Oaktown Blooms is the first thing we see every morning and it makes us happy. These succulent arrangements are beautiful, creative and really hard to kill. It's no surprise why we have surrounded ourselves with these gorgeous little succulents. Thank you Mike!


Dr Tanya Gill