Eye exams for children.


One very rewarding and fun part of being an optometrist is helping kids see, especially for the first time. My heart melts every time I see a kid's smile light up behind the phoropter (the machine that holds the lens choices). 

We currently see kids aged 5 and up. Age 5 is an ideal age as they are entering the school system and we know from studies that poor vision is directly related to poor school performance and poor school performance is related to bad behavior. 

Each exam room is equipped with toys and we also have cartoon movies on hand so your child doesn't go crazy with boredom while waiting for the dilation drops to kick in. And oh yes, we dilate all patients with drops. If your child is feeling anxious about "the drops," rest assured that we are well rehearsed and got this! 

Our goal is to help your child see more clearly but to make sure they feel safe and comfortable.

Your Oakland optometrist,

Dr Tanya Gill