Contact lens anonymous?


Have you been wearing your contact lenses  Monday through Sunday, 16 hours a day? Studies show that the healthiest wearing schedule for your corneas is about 40 hours a week. It allows them to breathe oxygen and recharge their battery, per se.

If you are over-using your contacts, don't worry, you're not alone! Getting into a pair of glasses that you're not totally embarrassed to wear in public is usually part of the problem:P And if you're worried about your lenses being not as clear as your contacts, know that the new technology of digital lenses offer edge to edge clarity much like a wide screen HD television screen. Digital lenses are also available in high index materials so you can make them super thin. 

Picking your frame will be key. One that will fit the physics of your face and your certain style. We would love to help you! Please call to schedule a fitting appointment at 510-893-5566 with one of our fabulous opticians. 

Dr Gill