Seeing spots? You came to the right place.


Seeing spots in your vision and webMD wasn't really helpful or comforting? It's probably prudent to see an optometrist who can properly provide a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. 

Here's why. I've heard so many different explanations for the same diagnosis. Based on my 16 years of clinical experience, "spots in my vision" can be any one of the following. (This would be my short list as I only have 10 minutes left in my lunch break).

Myopia. Optic nerve drusen. Retinal tear. Presbyopia. Macular hole. Astigmatism. Central serous retinopathy. Hyperopia. Epiretinal membrane. Floater. Herpes in the eye. Posterior vitreous detachment. A piece of plastic in the cornea. A corneal ulcer. A torn contact lens. Diabetes in the eye. Coat's retinal disease. Spasm of the eye muscles. Ophthalmic migraine.

Catch my drift? 

We provide vision and eye care services so you can sleep better at night. Just let me know what's going on and I'll be happy to figure it out!

Your Oakland optometrist,

Dr Tanya Gill