Our glasses + your face = your new look.

Too cool for school? Or so cool, you need them for school! 


Although it doesn't feel like work, because we love it - we work to provide new, exciting and hard-to-find glasses from around the world. 

Here's some of our glasses:

ic! berlin from Germany. Masunaga from Japan. Etnia Barcelona from Spain. orgreen optics from Denmark. Iyoko Inyake from Belgium. Zero G Eyewear from New York. 

Owning a business is not just about the products we provide nor the faces we meet in the exam room. It's also about the wonderful business relationships we've established with time. Our frame reps come from all around the world and from all walks of life, including a couple of dogs! It's so fun getting to know the personalities. Some have shown up in some very interesting, metro-sexual outfits, lol. All part of the industry. I have made many friends and have been blessed with the expertise and business know-how. 

Thank you to all the brilliant minded frame reps and for trying to help mine be the same. 

Your humbled optometrist,

Dr Gill