Feast your eyes.

by Jeni Coxe, Optician Extradorinaire


I would like to express a few of things.

1. I love sweets.

2. I love what I do.

3. I love sharing both of these things with people.

I was on a bakery run getting ready to go to a last minute potluck so I picked up some little desserts from Sweet Bar Bakery on 24th and Broadway.  I love variety so I of course had to get multiple items one being a little chocolate tart and a mini fruit tart and both exquisite.

While in Sweet Bar I noticed a man in there who just so happened to be the owner with some glasses that were rather dull and a bit big for his size.  I handed my card over to him and encouraged him to come to the office so that we could get him a good exam and a great new look.  After a month or two I returned back into Sweet Bar Bakery eager to style him and I encouraged him again to come in to see us.

He did and the results are fabulous! We decided on an LA Eyeworks frame called the Howser in this stunning green.  Now Mani's look is as eye catching as the mouth watering treats he serves daily.  Feast your eyes.

Sweet Bar Bakery is located at 2355 Broadway Oakland CA 94612 in the Uptown district of downtown Oakland. They have gluten free baked goods which we love.